Alex Volkanovski has responded to a tweet Conor McGregor sent out following his UFC 266 victory.

Volkanovski put the UFC Featherweight Championship on the line against Brian Ortega. The bout provided five rounds of action with some thrilling moments, including a near-submission victory from Ortega that Volkanovski somehow escaped. In the end, it was the champion who retained his gold.

McGregor sent out the following tweet at the conclusion of the barn burner.

Not a bad fight. Congrats shartsy

— Conor McGregor (@TheNotoriousMMA) September 26, 2021

“Not a bad fight. Congrats shartsy.”

Volkanovski was made aware of McGregor’s comments and had the following response.

“I heard about it, sounds like he’s on the piss. Good on em’, so am I. I would be too. Something about sharting or farting, doesn’t really make sense. It’s Conor, man. Conor doing Conor things, good on em’. I don’t know if it’s like he wants to come back down to 145, well obviously that’ll never happen.”

A reporter then pointed out that McGregor was likely responding to the UFC broadcast team claiming that Alex Volkanovski has beaten the two best featherweights of all time in Jose Aldo and Max Holloway.

“Yeah that would’ve stung him a little bit, that would’ve stung him a little bit. Especially while he’s on the piss, ya know. So anyway, I’m gonna be on the piss. Maybe you’ll see some weird f*cking tweets from me too.”

McGregor has often flirted with fighting featherweights such as Max Holloway again. The “Notorious” one was never beaten for the 145-pound gold, rather he was stripped after winning the lightweight title. McGregor hasn’t been seen in the featherweight division since Dec. 2015 when he knocked out Jose Aldo for the championship.

It appears that Volkanovski and McGregor are on two different paths. Volkanovski is the reigning champion at a lighter weight class, while McGregor is trying to snap out of a funk and once again become the lightweight king. He’s currently recovering from a broken tibia.

What do you make of Conor McGregor addressing Alex Volkanovski’s win over Brian Ortega?

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