Alexander Volkanovski is looking for a wild finish at UFC 266 to end a streak of decisions.

UFC featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski is looking to defend his title for the second time as he prepares to take on Brian Ortega this weekend. This bout will finally come to fruition after a long delay. The bout was originally scheduled for March, but due to a COVID-19 diagnosis for Volkanovski, the fight was delayed. Now, these two are finally going to meet inside the Octagon and Volkanovski has a plan for a finish.

“I’ve always been confident in the job I need to do, but right now my confidence is on a whole other level to where winning is just not enough,” Volkanovski told MMA Junkie. “Going out there, winning is good, people always remember the winner, but at the same time, you go out there and send a statement, you go out there and entertain, that’s what people are gonna remember.”

Four of Volkanovski’s last five wins have all come from decisions. Knowing this he feels an exciting, wild finish would be just the thing he needs. In the time between the first fight cancellation and now, Volkanovski and Ortega have gotten to know each other pretty well. The two coached the latest season of The Ultimate Fighter opposite one another. Because of this close proximity, Volkanovski feels he has want he needs to end Ortega’s night early on the 25th.

“He’s obviously proved that he has a great chin, and he’s hard to be finished, but I know I said this last fight, but I need to go out there, and I need to finish this fight,” Volkanovski said. “I want to go out there, and I want to put him away, and I want to put him away early.”

Perhaps his time in TUF and reality TV has made him more of an entertainer. Volkanovski is a personable guy and now he wants to showcase this inside the cage. He is looking for star power.

“It’s all about the entertainment this time,” Volkanovski explained. “I want to go out there, and obviously I’m gonna go out there and win, but at the same time, I want to do it in wild fashion. I want to go out there and really send a statement.”

Do you think Volkanovski has what it takes to get a finish against Brian Ortega at UFC 266?

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