Pardon the pun, but Tyron Woodley has perfectly played his hand with Jake Paul.

After losing to Paul in their first fight in August, Woodley agreed to follow through on a bet that saw him get an “I Love Jake Paul” tattoo in exchange for an immediate rematch. Regardless, it initially appeared that this would not happen, as the YouTuber was slated to fight Tommy Fury. However, the former welterweight champ stepped up on just a few weeks’ notice to replace Fury after a rib injury had him removed from the December 18th contest.

Ahead of the rematch, Tyron Woodley made it clear that he was not worried about having a constant reminder of losing the first Jake Paul fight on his finger, and now we know why.

Tyron Woodley Making “I Love Jake Paul” Tattoo Dissappear

Speaking to Morning Kombat at the open workouts on Wednesday, T-Wood revealed that the tattoo has almost completely faded away, something that regularly happens to tattoos on hands that are not taken care of properly.

Image via YouTube – Morning Kombat

“I purposely did it to troll the troll,” Woodley said (h/t Mirror UK). “Anybody who has a tattoo on the inside of their hand, or a tattoo artist knows it fades. I got it on the finger that means the opposite of love, I put it on that finger but I knew it was going to wear down. Taking showers, washing your hands, boxing, battle ropes, turf – I didn’t want to walk around with his name on me for the rest of my life.

“I agreed not to have it removed, I agreed to have it permanent, but I never felt I lost the fight anyway, so I wasn’t super psyched about getting it,” Woodley added. “It wasn’t something I mapped out and had all this work into it.”

Well, there is no denying that what Tyron Woodley did ended up working out for him in the long run. Not only did he get the Jake Paul rematch that he wanted, but he also does not have to worry about having this embarrassing tattoo for the rest of his life.

You can watch the full scrum in the video below:

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