Triller CEO, Ryan Kavanaugh has no problem with his fight booking of Vitor Belfort vs. Evander Holyfield despite the result.

Holyfield stepped up on short notice and throughout fight week many began to get worried for the 58-year-old due to his open workout and his interviews. Then, in the fight, Belfort blitzed Holyfield and rocked him several times, and even dropped him once before the ref stopped the fight. The fight was a complete beatdown, but for Kavanaugh:

“If you talk to Holyfield, what the world perceived happened didn’t happen. Vitor apparently stepped on his foot — which I haven’t seen the footage yet — which made him trip, and that’s why it looked like he fell. He swung really hard, which we all know he did. And that was the knockout swing,” Kavanaugh said on MMAFighting’s MMA Hour (via BloodyElbow). “Had he connected with Vitor, Vitor would probably still be in the hospital today. And missed, which put him into the ropes because he swung so hard. And Vitor came back aggressively. But Holyfield is notoriously a slow starter. As he said, his strategy is ‘Let me get hit, let me feel how he punches, and then I’ll come out with my returns.’ The stoppage, in his opinion, was the problem, because he’s like ‘I would’ve come back, and I knew what I was doing.’”

After Triller’s event ended, many fans and media made it clear they didn’t think Evander Holyfield should box again. However, for Ryan Kavanaugh, he says the former heavyweight champ will likely box again and they are looking at better-suited opponents for him for his next bout.

“I think Holyfield will end up fighting someone hopefully people see is better-suited (for him), whether it’s Tyson or someone like that.”

As for Vitor Belfort, Kavanaugh revealed Triller is looking to rebook the original fight of Belfort vs. Oscar De La Hoya for Thanksgiving weekend.

Do you want to see Evander Holyfield box again?

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