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UFC Legend Chuck Liddell Arrested On Charges Of Domestic Violence

Chuck Liddell

Yesterday, it was revealed that UFC Legend Chuck Liddell was arrested on charges of domestic battery. Here are the raw reactions from MMA fans immediately upon hearing this story.

Damn even Chuck Liddell arrested for domestic violence. What is going on. He and his wife seemed to have a crazy good relationship. Has to be CTE in these guys and with Jones, CTE mixed w alcohol def ain’t good.

— iFUXwMMA (@iFUXwMMA) October 11, 2021

Jon Jones, Luis Peña, and Chuck Liddell when they run into each other at court

— Kyle Driver (@LittleAlvey) October 11, 2021

Jon Jones, Luis Peña, Chuck Liddell; who’s next?

— Zoheb MMA (@ZohebMMA) October 11, 2021

Man CTE has ruined SO many fighters lives. What he did is unexcusable but I can’t believe that not 1 Comment even brings up CTE. He fought for too long and it literally damaged his brain

— BobTheZombie (@BobTheZombie101) October 11, 2021

A UFC fighter arrested for domestic violence???? Colour me shocked!

— PehPeh #OrbitPilled (@ThisIsPehPeh) October 11, 2021

All of you mocking domestic violence with memes, and film clips thinking your so funny .. What the hell is wrong with you ?? That’s pathetic

— Jenna (@abby2741) October 11, 2021

I don’t care about his personal life.
I will forever love Chuck Liddell the iceman

— Amit Zohar Fc (@RatioTicTac) October 11, 2021

Not seeing the same amount of “jokes” for Chuck Liddell as I did for Jon Jones..

— JustBleedMMA (@JustBleedMMA_) October 11, 2021


— Nijima (@NijimaSan) October 11, 2021

We really are gunna get Jones vs Liddell!

— Hurts McGurts (@CNelly42) October 11, 2021

Well they have no control over retired fighters with no contract under the ufc and doesn’t even work at ESPN

— AH (@AghMMA03) October 11, 2021

Damn UFC is catching up with NFL these days.

— dakota (@Thorthepit14) October 11, 2021

Editor’s Note: Chuck Liddell later issued a statement on the incident, claiming that it was he who was the victim during the altercation with his wife.

Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder 3 Results & Highlights: Fury KOs Wilder

There were two major combat sporting events over the weekend. One of them was of course the highly anticipated trilogy fight between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder, which saw Fury earn the TKO victory. Here’s how fans reacted in the aftermath of this heavyweight slugout!

Congratulations to @Tyson_Fury for the victory over wilder aka @BronzeBomber. It was an awesome match and beautiful comeback. What I hated the most was the lack of sportsmanship from wilder in the end. Well done champ! Interested to see what’s next! #TysonFuryVsDeontayWilder3

— Nawaf Bin Khaled (@NawafAlhussein) October 10, 2021

Fury v Wilder III was an instant classic. Can’t dispute those hands now.

— JOEY VANTES (@joeyvantes) October 10, 2021

Both men brought it tonight
I felt BLESSED to be there

— bitter old boxing fan (@Luciano21352357) October 10, 2021

Please stop all these trolls regarding Wilder. He has lost all three fights to Fury and has been totally outclassed. Regardless of the ref slow count, Fury was looking at the ref at 3 and just used the time effectively. Fury 3 – 0 Wilder. No more rematches Fury is King!

— Phi (@Holyeminence) October 10, 2021

Said he was going to “kill” Fury!

— Jasper Javi (@JasperJavi) October 10, 2021

Fairplay to Wilder he’s a tough man but Fury just has his number.

— DB (@baxterdaniel53) October 10, 2021

What a fight!!!!! Boxing won. Thanks to @Gypsyking1011 Heavyweight boxing is now moving in the right direction.

— Kolussus (Kay Bee Music Marketing) (@kolussus20) October 10, 2021

That look

— Lesleyanne (@Lzanxxx) October 10, 2021

He thought he could just bench you off

— UFCStats (@TheUFCStats) October 10, 2021

I hate these pics. They just don’t tell the story of how amazing of a fight it was.

Fury won. But don’t mislead with idiotic still shots. You can easily show pics of Fury on the mat, damn near out.

— Mike S Will (@mike_S_will) October 10, 2021

12 second count on the fourth really? Heavy weight division is a joke

— Joe (@parking321) October 10, 2021

Wouldnt really call it a classic. Last what, 7 rounds? Were just waiting to see when Wilder legs were gonna completely give. Props to wilder for showing out HEART tho

— Deyvi (@deyvi_t22) October 10, 2021

I really didnt like Wilder before this fight but theres no way you cant respect his performance, incredibly gutsy by both fighters, Wilder went out like a true warrior on his shield and nothing but class from Fury

— Milked Teet (@UdderAbuse) October 10, 2021

How can you not love this guy? Just smashed Wilder in one of the greatest fights of all time and belts this out. @Tyson_Fury is legend

— Spencer Thornley (@sjt1033) October 10, 2021

Bro beat the Drake curse he’s gotta be the theres no other explanation

— idk tbh (@idkbruh1288) October 10, 2021

Marina Rodriguez Defeats Mackenzie Dern At UFC Vegas 39

UFC Vegas 39

At UFC Vegas 39, Marina Rodriguez defeated Mackenzie Dern via unanimous decision in a bout that took home Fight of the Night. Here’s how MMA fans reacted to this main event.

Dern and Rodriguez FOTN is IMO the worst FOTN bonus ever given out. Nothing in that fight said to me. This is FOTN. Like literally nothing

— Casey (@CaseyJ_516) October 10, 2021

Dern got way too complacent and just stopped trying to shoot for whatever reason. She was dominating on the ground.

— Sam Rice (@SamHRice25) October 9, 2021

Marina vs Joanna = Winner title shot, Dern vs Esparza

— (@_lunamarco) October 9, 2021

I ask myself why these casual feel the need to spread their foolish opinions. This fight was great despite going to the distance.

— Matheus (@matheuscmgf) October 9, 2021

Really good fight, I think @MackenzieDern would do a lot better if she had even just a couple different takedowns in her arsenal. A single leg or double leg or decent trip would be great

— Nico StyleBlender (@mma_nico) October 10, 2021

credit to Rodriguez, I didn’t thought she could hold Dern to only one takedown in 5 rounds. She totally dominated on her feet, Dern couldn’t do nothing.

— Sam (@samuel_m93) October 9, 2021

She clearly had the stand up advantage but didn’t even try to finish Dern standing up. While Dern tried to finish on the ground but time ran out

— HardcoreLove (@HardcoreLoveMac) October 9, 2021

I need to see some evidence that Dern trains wrestling at all. She didn’t seem to have a plan to get it to the ground. That was frustrating to watch, especially after round 2.

— C. J. Mance Jr. (@cjm952) October 9, 2021

You can’t shoot a takedown when you’re off range. Marina was keeping the distance very well

— Daniel González (@DanielG71532287) October 9, 2021

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