At last Sunday’s Dallas Cowboys road game against the Los Angeles Chargers, the enigmatic Sean O’Malley and former double champ Conor McGregor had a private conversation.

On Monday, O’Malley grabbed the world’s attention after he posted a video of himself and “The Notorious” on social media speaking privately. As you could expect, mass speculation began to take place about what they could have possibly been discussing.

Currently, the pair of fighters are separated by at least two weight classes. O’Malley, like McGregor, created quite the buzz when he began his hot streak in the UFC. With his nonchalant demeanor and sense of style, O’Malley is steadily becoming one of the UFC’s biggest names.

While the 26-year old did not divulge the entire conversation, at least he gave fans a taste of the interaction between two of the best strikers on the UFC roster. On his YouTube channel, O’Malley gave his immediate thoughts on the conversation he had with the UFC’s biggest cash cow.

“One thing he did say was that [my] last fight was a beautiful performance. Like dude, I have elite-level striking. I have some crazy s*** that people just can’t do. An elite-level striker like Conor sees that. Izzy sees that. O’Malley said. They’re fans of, not even me, (but) of just what I’m capable of doing.”

While McGregor did not admit he was a fan of O’Malley personally, he certainly paid respect to the striking prowess of the young up and comer. Overall, the interaction was fun to see considering these two are some of the biggest, most high-profile names in the organization at the moment.

“So it was cool. It was cool finally meeting Conor. He was probably the only person that… he’s really someone I really have taken a lot of inspiration from.” O’Malley concluded.

The last time they were in action, O’Malley and McGregor shared a card together. At UFC 264, “Suga” was paired with Kris Moutinho, a short-notice replacement. The fight kicked off the marquee PPV and was a complete striking masterclass. As a result, O’Malley walked away with a standing TKO victory against the UFC newcomer.

Now, two of the UFC’s golden geese have met in person, and O’Malley continues to draw inspiration from the legend, Conor McGregor. With O’Malley’s eyes fixated on a new opponent, perhaps we will have confirmation of his next fight very soon.

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