If Kayla Harrison was expecting a retraction from Julianna Peña, she may be miffed when she discovers a harsh double-down of disrespect instead.

After Julianna Peña completed her unexpected transition from underdog to champion, she became the belle of the media ball, taking part in numerous interviews covering a wide range of topics. One of those topics was highly coveted free agent and two-time PFL lightweight season winner Kayla Harrison.

Kayla Harrison (Photo: Instagram @JudoKayla)

Given the fact that Harrison is in the middle of her free agency, that means the possibilities are endless and every high-level female competitor might have to field a question about the Olympian at some point.

When the topic of Harrison arrived at Peña’s mantel, she treated it and Harrison’s achievements like yesterday’s rubbish.

“I think she’s the lesser of the training partners for her and Amanda Nunes,” Peña told MMA Junkie. “If that’s the case and I just took out Amanda, I don’t know what kind of position that would put her in. But she’s been fighting the B-leagues. I’ve been fighting in the UFC, I’ve been fighting at the top of the division. I’m fighting in the biggest league of this sport so I’m not paying too much attention to what she’s doing down there.”

When Harrison became aware of these comments, she issued a warning to Peña, cautioning the new champion to watch her words and to not bite off more than she can chew.

She also discredited Peña’s victory over Nunes to some degree when she stated that Nunes would “starch” Peña 9 times out of 10. And if that’s not enough, Harrison capped off her retort by letting it be known that she could beat Peña with just one arm.

Julianna Peña Responds To Kayla Harrison’s Warning

Julianna Peña

In an interview this week with BBC Sport, Peña was anything but “careful” with her words. By Harrison’s standards, it would be more accurate to say that “The Venezuelan Vixen” was speaking outright recklessly.

“Who is this Ronda Rousey wannabe?” Peña asked, still befuddled at the mere mention of Harrison during her interview.

Peña would then let Harrison know just how unafraid of her warning she was by offering the lightweight a warm invitation to unchartered territory.

“Kayla is not on my radar. I don’t even think she can make 135lbs, but if she wants to make the weight, pack your stuff and come on over here, honey.”

Peña would then reiterate that, in the meantime, her focus is not on Harrison or anyone other than Amanda Nunes, whom Peña is expected to rematch in a bout Dana White believes will be the biggest women’s fight in UFC history.

Do you think Kayla Harrison will attempt to take Julianna Peña up on her invitation?

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