Russian MMA Fighter Mehdi Dakaev gave a whole new meaning to the Superman punch with his KO victory Friday Night.

At EFC 43: Dakaev vs Zaynukov, Mehdi Dakaev took on fellow Russian Makkasharip Zaynukov. The bout ended quite memorably with Dakaev landing a diving punch on his opponent for the KO win.

MMA fans are well familiar with the superman punch. Many fighters have used it, including one of the greatest fighters of all time, Georges St-Pierre, who used the maneuver quite frequently.

Georges St-Pierre’s Superman punch lands flush

However, Mehdi Dakaev’s diving punch Friday night may have actually been more befitting of the “Superman punch” title. Peep it out below and you be the judge.

In addition to the form, the sheer speed in which it was executed was Superman-esque, with Dakaev diving faster than a speeding bullet! For his efforts, the victory improved his record to 14-2, with Zaynukov now falling to 11-4.

How impressed are you with Mehdi Dakaev’s new spin on the Superman punch?

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