The Pulse of MMA: Fan Reactions To The Sport’s Biggest Stories

Here are some of the raw reactions from the MMA community to the sport’s hottest stories!

Full Details Behind Jon Jones’ Recent Arrest Have Been Revealed

Jon Jones (Photo: Josh Hedges/Zuffa)

Yesterday, more details behind Jon Jones’ arrest last week were revealed. Jones is alleged to have assaulted his fiancée with his children present and headbutted a police car. Here are some of the raw reactions to this troubling story:

@JonnyBones you gotta get some help champ! Your fans love and support you but we not gonna stand by you while you hitting women my guy! I know you better than that find some help

— brandonroberson (@BROBERSON6908) September 29, 2021

The obscene irony of Jon Jones having arguably the greatest in-cage fight IQ in MMA while having zero self awareness outside of it. #UFC

— Mikey Bats (@MikeJBknows) September 29, 2021

Jon Jones is still the goat.

— McGregor’s Burner (@McGregorsBurner) September 29, 2021

All honestly if JonJones comes out of this one unscathed at least we know the world really is a fuxked up placed beyond repair

— Jonathan……… (@jroc_117) September 29, 2021

Well, I’d like to see ol Jonny Bones wriggle his way out of THIS jam!
*Jon Jones wriggles his way out of the jam easily*
Ah! Well. Nevertheless,

— Paul E. Braingerously (@CoolStepuncle) September 29, 2021

That Jon Jones story is heartbreaking for his kids & fiancé. Classic domestic abuse in every sense. He needs years in prison. The @UFC would be smart to clip him now before this gets immensely worse on their watch.

— Kevin Triggs (@milwaukeeson) September 29, 2021

@UFCNews @JonnyBones @dc_mma
I’m not buying another ppv with guys on it who scare kids and hit women. Go ahead and keep him in your promotion, and I’ll keep my money. You do you, ill do me. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

— Mystic Mike (@RspectYorEnemy) September 29, 2021

@JonnyBones It is absolutely possible to quit using alcohol (and other drugs) and live an incredible life. I believe in you, and hope you find a program that’s right for you. The path to redemption is difficult, but rewarding. Your toughest fight awaits you, but you’re a fighter!

— Beryl Smile (@BerylSmile) September 29, 2021

Just can’t get over this Jon Jones story! I mean…. a wonderful talent to watch, a good spirited christian man, a classy and humble guy when speaking to the media. It just dumbfounds me how he could even cable of such a thing! Smh!

— BJJ KID (@pitbull_pat) September 29, 2021

Not just from UFC. Jon Jones should never be allowed to fight professionally ever again.

— The 5 Star Man Asa Gray (@The5StarMan) September 29, 2021

@JonnyBones with the roid rage. MF Jones you have young girls who need a man to look up to. Be that man!

— Lights out (@mcphenom) September 29, 2021

jon jones is no longer my hero this dude sucks

— wavvvvy.wavy (@wavvvvybone) September 29, 2021

Petr Yan Will Face Cory Sandhagen For The Interim Bantamweight Title At UFC 267

Petr Yan and Cory Sandhagen

Yesterday, it was announced that Petr Yan and Cory Sandhagen will be competing for the interim bantamweight championship at UFC 257 after Aljamain Sterling was forced to pull out of the co-main event. Here’s how MMA fans reacted to this news:

Sandhagen vs yan is a stylistic war that i have no idea who wins

— 𝕭𝖑𝖊𝖘𝖘𝖊𝖉 Niggalicious (@212Niggalicious) September 26, 2021

This fight is a certified banger

Idc how we got it

— 4th And Long Radio LLC (@FourthLongRadio) September 28, 2021

TJ needs surgery and Corey fought him to a razor thin decision, so he is the most clear available contender.

— Tom Broome-Jones | Black Lives Matter (@TBroomey) September 28, 2021

Go ahead and inject this fight right into my bloodstream.

— Anthony Stauffer (@anthonystauffer) September 28, 2021

*Interim Title Fight announced*


*Yan vs Sandhagen Interim Fight announced*

MMA Fans:

— MacMally (@MacMallyMMA) September 28, 2021

Could you imagine if Yan lost his belt due to an illegal knee then lost his chance to get his belt back due to a flying knee KO?

— Shawn-B: Legend of the 10 Bracelets (@ShawnB06699163) September 29, 2021

Only one robbed is Rob Font.

— Carmine vittorio (@Carminevittori5) September 28, 2021

The rare ocassion where the interim fight makes sense

— Raul Amaya (@RAAM_TJ) September 28, 2021

I don’t even care about all the bullshit that has brought us to this point, the fact we’re getting Yan vs Sandhagen this soon is a violent blessing.

— MS (@UFC_Obsessed) September 28, 2021

Now interim champs are the real champs at UFC

— Matthieu (@kikouyour) September 28, 2021

I think that Sandhagen might be the toughest fight for Yan in the division. He could probably make it easier if he decides to offensively grapple a fair bit

— Vibe Curator (@CalzoneRen) September 28, 2021


— Heavyweight Thanos (@MMAThanos) September 28, 2021

Jake Paul Issues An Official Response To Tyron Woodley’s Tattoo

After Tyron Woodley followed through on getting the “I Love Jake Paul” tattoo, Paul gave a trollish yet self-described “official” response to Woodley, one where he expressed his love to “The Chosen One” and again requested to grab his butt cheeks. Here’s how fans reacted to Paul’s video response to Woodley.

So your not a man of your words that’s what’s you tell to the entire world ?

— Lex Bengivingo (@AlexBengivingo) September 28, 2021

Everyone is talking about how Jake isn’t a man of his word… LET’S REMEMBER THAT THE ORIGNIANL AGREEMENT WAS THAT TYRON HAD TO GET THE TATTOO THAT NIGHT, NOT WEEKS LATER So, it looks like Tyron is the man who lacks integrity

— Chris Bumstead (@c_bumstead) September 29, 2021

Everyone knows @jakepaul is a lying scumbag he never had intention to run it back no matter what onky circumstance would of been if he lost. The Difference is @TWooodley Is A Man Of His Word so He Honored his word y’all are fucking clowns for not knowing what being a man is.

— Randy Crum (@RandyCrum6) September 29, 2021

bro completely ignored tyron i really don’t want to see him fight tyron again

— . (@validmoma) September 28, 2021

If they only replied to each other with hand written messages pulled from their mouth, I wouldn’t be mad.

— Arty McFly (@ArtyMcFlyyy) September 29, 2021

Jake better than Prime Mike Tyson

— Balanced (@Balance76582551) September 28, 2021

Anything to irritate Woodley is good in my book but to be fair you did shake on it…

— The Allfather (@Propheticz) September 28, 2021

lmao ok this was funny jake good job you made me laugh, now get back in the ring with him so he can make me even happier by slaughtering you

— Radical Bernie!! (@Dem_Repub) September 29, 2021

So no rematch cuz you know you’d get dog walked?

— Tj White (@PokaDottaShotta) September 28, 2021

If Jake had an “I love u too” tattoo as a response, it would absolutely crash every news outlet.

— Constantine (@C_K_Tattoo) September 29, 2021

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