After Jon Jones was reportedly arrested last week, UFC color analyst Michael Bisping believes that Jones is a nice person but stuck making continuous bad choices.

Hours after the UFC Hall of Fame ceremony concluded, Jon Jones was arrested in Las Vegas, Nevada. The former light heavyweight champion was charged with battery domestic violence, and tampering with a vehicle exceeding damages of $5,000 in value. The arrest was made in the early hours of Friday morning (Sept. 24, 2021), and Jones has since posted bail. “The Count” released a video on YouTube discussing Jon Jones’ situation.

“And I’m not here to sh** on Jon Jones. I have tremendous respect for his accomplishments inside the octagon. And most of the time when I’ve spoken to Jon, my interactions have been fantastic. I saw him just recently in Vegas, and we stopped, and we shared a picture, and we had a laugh, and we spoke for a few minutes. And I wish him all the best. He’s a good person, but he’s just making some bad choices.”

Jon Jones has a long and convoluted history with law enforcement. However, a domestic assault battery conviction can carry heavy consequences for Jones’ name beyond a misdemeanor charge. Bisping fears that the charge might indicate that an altercation between “Bones” and a female took place. If that is indeed the case, the former middleweight champ finds the behavior downright deplorable.

“And I don’t know the story. Now, of course, the charge is domestic battery, right? So, that alludes to, unfortunately, you know, maybe assault on a woman. I will say this; we don’t know the details. But a man, certainly a man like Jon Jones – a large man, and who’s also one of the greatest of all time, if not the GOAT, of mixed martial arts, has absolutely no place hitting a woman. And if that is what happened, then it’s deplorable, and there’s no excuse. Bisping stated. I’ve never done it. I would never dream of putting my hands on another woman. And Jon Jones shouldn’t be doing the same.”

Without knowing all of the details and jumping to conclusions, Bisping gave his point of view without condemning or vindicating Jones. Moments ago, additional details behind the Jones arrest were revealed, with the former light heavyweight king allegedly pulling the hair of a woman and headbutting a police vehicle.

As the latest Jon Jones arrest story unravels, will keep you on the pulse should any new details emerge about this wild case.

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