UFC color analyst Michael Bisping has received more details about the recent arrest of Jon Jones and finds the whole situation disgusting.

At the end of last month, Jon Jones was allegedly involved in a battery domestic violence charge with his fiancée Jessie Moses. After being issued a court date for an Oct. 26 appearance, Jones is now out of jail and awaiting courtroom proceedings.

Initially, Bisping reserved much of his commentary until more details about the Jon Jones arrest surfaced. On Tuesday (Oct. 5, 2021) former UFC champion Bisping spoke on his YouTube channel and further discussed the predicament Jones finds himself in currently.

“Listen, I said it last time. I’ve always had good interactions with Jon. Bisping said on his podcast. This is inexcusable. And he came out and he said he’s gonna stop drinking. I mean, yeah, OK, great. Great. That’s good. But I mean, I don’t need to say this to anybody. I mean, I was around this stuff when I was a kid, and I saw a bit of that. I don’t want to go into too many details. From what I read, she’s not pressing charges, though. So she’s not pressing charges.”

Bisping then added what could be done moving forward so that incidents like Jones’ latest arrest do not happen again.

“Well, listen, I mean, it’s disgusting. Fuckin’ of course it is. Domestic violence, it’s disgraceful, certainly from someone like Jon Jones. I don’t need to say that. I’m not giving any hot takes by sitting here and saying that. Jon’s fucked up once again, and it’s just disgusting. It’s disgusting. He’s a man with the world at his feet. He’s clearly got some fuckin’ demons. Bisping stated. He needs some help. He needs professional help. I don’t believe just not drinking is enough. I think he needs to go to some kind of counseling, some anger management for sure, and he needs to get some counseling”

After Bisping underlined the dreadfulness of domestic violence, “The Count” shared that he underwent anger management earlier in his life with great results. In addition, Bisping asserts that “Bones” needs help and not just with his alcohol consumption. Once his inner demons have been resolved with the help of counseling, perhaps one day Jones might return to the Octagon as a different man.

Do you agree with Michael Bisping’s assessment of Jon Jones?

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