Jorge Masvidal “baptized” pro wrestling legend Chris Jericho during the Miamian’s own baptism into the world of professional wrestling.

American Top Team (ATT) owner Dan Lambert has been making frequent appearances in pro wrestling promotion All Elite Wrestling (AEW) as of late, and he’s been bringing some of his star clients along with him. Jorge Masvidal is among the names that have accompanied Lambert in his AEW voyage, but an upcoming episode of AEW Rampage will be the first time that Masvidal will be seen participating in the choreographed violence.

SPOILER ALERT: On tomorrow’s episode of AEW Rampage, ATT members inserted their dominance over the promotion when they invaded the program nWo-style. At one point, UFC superstar Jorge Masvidal “laid out” former WWE and AEW champion Chris Jericho and seemed to take great pleasure in doing so. Peep it out in the clip below.

Ruhroh @GamebredFighter KO on Jericho! #AEWRampage #Masvidal #Jericho

— Mark Buensuceso (@markbuen) September 23, 2021

With execution and a crowd reaction like that, Masvidal might have a future in the wrestling business if the UFC doesn’t consistently address his fighter-pay concerns. When Masvidal does return to the Octagon, however, he hopes it’ll be in a fight that gets him as close as possible to another title shot. From the looks of things, he may be one or two KOs away from a shot at the AEW title as well, shout out and fair warning to Kenny Omega.

What do you think of Jorge Masvidal’s foray into the world of professional wrestling?

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