The missteps of Conor McGregor have landed him a special kind of shout out on Saturday Night Live.

It is no secret that, while he is the biggest star MMA has ever known, McGregor has also been a figure of controversy in recent months. This has ranged from a variety of different bizarre incidents, with the most recent ones being an altercation with Machine Gun Kelly, and an alleged assault on an Italian DJ.

This has led to a ton of backlash, the likes of which were seen in a recent SNL skit. The premise of this skit is an Ellen-esque talk show that gives prizes, has zany games, and features interviews “heroic psychopaths” like McGregor.

During this segment, an impersonation of the Irishman can be seen, being asked why he punches random people in the face. The McGregor impersonator then charge out to the audience to fight a member of the crowd who challenged him to a fight.

Check out the full skit in the video below, courtesy of the SNL YouTube channel.

While this was obviously a joke at McGregor’s expense, the criticisms are not exactly unwarranted. After all, the last few years have seen him getting into altercations with a variety of people, ranging from old men at bars, to infamously throwing a dolly at a truck, and the aforementioned DJ, to name but a few.

It just goes to show how big of a crossover star Conor McGregor is, that Saturday Night Live specifically called him out during this skit, asking his impersonator about hitting random strangers. Considering the fact that no other UFC fighters involved in similar shenanigans have ever had a crossover like this, and it demonstrates the impact that the former two-division champ has had on the sport of MMA.

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