A former double champion in the UFC, Georges St-Pierre is hopeful that his previous opponent will one day fight for a world title.

Nick Diaz and St-Pierre faced each other in 2013. The final results had “Rush” ahead on the scorecards. With the return of the elder Diaz brother looming over this weekend, St-Pierre is rooting for Nick Diaz and is holding out that he will one day fight for a world title. Last night, the two-division titleholder completed the last leg of his arduous MMA journey by being inducted into The UFC Hall of Fame.

As we draw closer to the five-round non-title fight, St-Pierre expressed optimism about Nick Diaz one day capturing gold at the highest level. Speaking with MMA Fighting, St-Pierre was curious about the superstar’s return and hopes that no money was left on the table after intense negotiations were made to make the fight happen.

“That’s a big X-factor. Would he come back as good as he was, or this layoff will have a negative impact on him? I don’t know. I just hope that he will come back as good as he (was) because I’m afraid that he left a lot of money on the table, and I hope I’m wrong, and I hope he comes back even better than he was and he goes for a shot for the title. I’m a huge fan. St-Pierre said. I really enjoy watching him fight.”

A fan of his former nemesis, St-Pierre is interested to see the return of Nick Diaz. The Canadian legend relayed worry about the financial ramifications of Diaz’s re-entry into the promotion. However, he is optimistic that fans could see the return of something extraordinary this weekend at UFC 266.

How do you think Nick Diaz will look in his return fight against Robbie Lawler at UFC 266 this weekend?

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