Daniel Cormier has shed some insight on the legal situation of Jon Jones

Cormier and Jones have a long history together. They were bitter rivals, and even after Cormier’s fighting career has ended, he still feels a connection with Jones. Following Jones’ most recent run-in with the law, Cormier spoke on his ESPN show DC & RC about the situation and his relationship with Jones at this point.

“As a guy who has a real personal relationship with Jones in terms of professional, I said some things back in 2017 before we fought the second time,” Cormier said. “I spoke to mistakes and how when you make mistakes, they change you. Jones obviously doesn’t learn from the mistakes.”

Cormier is referring to a sit-down he had with Jones and Joe Rogan before UFC 200 when Cormier let loose on Jones about never changing. Jones was later removed from the event due to testing positive for a banned substance.

Image: “Counterpunch: Cormier vs. Jones II”

Because of their history together, having fought each other twice, Cormier feels he could have made a difference in changing Jones. Jones has a long history of trouble. He has been arrested several times and has found himself suspended from the UFC due to taking banned substances in the past. Cormier has his opinion on what might have changed Jones’ path in life and how Cormier losing to Jones didn’t help.

“But I also take a bit of responsibility because I think in a lot of situations, Ryan, you learn when you have to pull yourselves up by the bootstraps,” Cormier explained. “And I said on the countdown show before the fight, the way Jon Jones makes changes is by losing to me. I didn’t beat him. Chael Sonnen didn’t beat him. So many people didn’t beat him. We never forced him to look in the mirror…All the bad behavior still led to success. And so why change it? Why change it? It’s unfortunate.”

This latest incident in Las Vegas is just the most recent on a long list of Jones’ transgressions. Jones looks as if he is trying to get past it at this point. Right now, there is no word on if he will serve any time or be suspended from the UFC.

Do you agree with what Daniel Cormier said about Jon Jones?

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