The only thing needed for a bout between Khamzat Chimaev and Nate Diaz to take place is getting the green light from the Stockton superstar.

Immediately following Khamzat Chimaev’s latest smashing at UFC 267, he was already looking ahead to who might be next. The very first name out of his mouth was Nate Diaz. It now appears that Chimaev is already getting the superstar treatment from UFC President Dana White, as the boss is all for granting “Borz” his special request.

“Yeah, we’re gonna talk to Nate about it,” White revealed in a TMZ interview released Tuesday regarding a Chimaev/Diaz showdown.

As it happens, Diaz remains unbooked at the moment and has one fight remaining on his UFC contract. There were talks of a potential bout between Diaz and Vicente Luque, but it currently seems as though that possibility has fizzled out. Diaz also teased the idea of fighting Tony Ferguson. But up until now, there had been no word on who the UFC had in mind for his next opponent. Little did we know that potential opponent would be Borz himself.

Khamzat Chimaev, Image Credit: Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

In the TMZ interview, White continued heaping praise on his new cash cow, whom he believes to be truly one of a kind.

“This guy is like nothing anyone has ever seen,” White gushed. “When you think about it, he’s got more UFC wins than he’s been hit inside the Octagon. Insane.”

What’s also insane is the prospect of a Khamzat Chimaev vs. Nate Diaz fight. It would truly be a battle between the unstoppable force and the unbreakable gangster. One of the many things Nate Diaz has become known for throughout his career is his never-say-die attitude and unmatched toughness. If he faces the version of Khamzat Chimaev we’ve been exposed to thus far, one who runs through his opponents with unprecedented ease, then it would most certainly be a fascinating case of something having to give.

One thing that we do know would be given is the hard-earned money of fans across the entire globe to see how this fascinating bout unfolds.

You can be sure we will keep you posted on this major developing story, so keep it locked right here on for the latest updates.

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