Daniel Cormier isn’t a fan of how Tyron Woodley has handled himself following his sixth-round knockout loss to Jake Paul.

Woodley has rolled with the punches since the devastating defeat, even going as far as hosting a fan contest on his Instagram for the best knockout meme. He ended up paying one fan $5,000 for a meme that went viral earlier this week.

Woodley appears to be optimistic about his fighting future and is handling the loss on his terms. However, Cormier doesn’t like the optics of Woodley making fun of himself in light of the vicious knockout.

Cormier explained his position during a recent episode of ESPN’s DC & RC.

“It’s a bad look. And you know what’s worse? [What happened] after,” Cormier said of Woodley. “I don’t know what T-Wood was doing on social media. He pulls the knockout. He made a contest about [making memes of himself], it’s like Jake Paul is beating these dudes so bad, that they start to make fun of themselves.” (h/t Sportskeeda)

Tyron Woodley Looks To Get Back To His Old Winning Ways

Woodley took the fight on just days’ notice after Tommy Fury pulled out due to an injury. He was allegedly getting ready for a fight in January when the call came for a rematch with Paul.

Woodley has appeared forward-thinking after the loss to Paul, hinting at a busy 2022. He’s planning on potential boxing and MMA fights as he approaches his 40th birthday.

Woodley has had his fair share of struggles as of late. Before his back-to-back losses to Paul in the boxing ring, he lost four-straight bouts in the UFC before ultimately parting ways with the promotion.

What are your thoughts on how Tyron Woodley has handled the KO loss to Jake Paul?

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