Conor McGregor is not ashamed of his notoriously awful baseball pitch.

Fans of the Chicago Cubs are well aware of “The Curse of the Billy Goat” that is said to have plagued the baseball team for over 70 years until finally winning another World Series in 2016. Unfortunately for loyal Cubs fans, they may have another curse on their hands that began September 21, 2021: The Curse of the Irish Gorilla.

After all, the first pitch thrown out by McGregor prior to the Cubs’ home game Tuesday was so bad that it may have been linked to some form of black magic or the occult. Like a wizard flicking his wrist, McGregor may have cursed the beloved Cubbies for another couple of generations just for the heck of it as he recovers from leg surgery.

Without considering or being privy to the accuracy of this possibility, the public has deemed the pitch to be fully intentional and unspeakably bad. This resulted in MMA Twitter having a field day with the Irishman for his flagrant first pitch, which you can view below if you are yet to witness it.

— Ariel Helwani (@arielhelwani) September 21, 2021

However, in spite of the jeers from afar and the post-pitch roast sessions running in full effect, McGregor has no shame about what unfolded on that baseball mound. In fact, as much as this may beggar belief, he actually sounds proud of the pitch. 

“The most devastating first pitch ever seen in the iconic Wrigley Field!” McGregor beamed with pride during an interview after the pitch

The interviewer then gently nudged McGregor to elaborate on this assessment, and the Irishman happily obliged.

“Well, the venom is there. The power is there. It’s a little off accurate-wise, but I’m on the one leg. You can see me based fully on the left leg that was just recently injured,” McGregor explained. “I’m happy with that! I’ll take that on board!”

When commenting further on the aforementioned “venom” behind the pitch, McGregor feels that his throw was fully comparable to the aces in the big leagues when it comes strictly to power.

“And if you could mention the power, I don’t think there’s much power difference between mine and them out there,” McGregor argued. “Just the accuracy is a little off. I’m happy with it. It was either lob it friendly or aim to take him off his feet. And if that was on target, he would’ve had a problem, I’d say.”

Though the Notorious One appeared to be in good spirits after his viral throw, some fans volunteered to offer their hero some emotional support just in case.

Hilarious good sport about it. All fun

— Sitero (@YOsitero) September 22, 2021

That’s what I love about Conor.. he owned it.. lol Way to go Champ!

— KAB313 (@StikzAndStonzCC) September 22, 2021

well it was a good first try

— L (@l1984265d) September 22, 2021

what a man..

— Mark Lynk (@Lynky_2231) September 22, 2021

This man can not be dismayed! The confidence is dripping!

— JayM21 (@JayM2021) September 22, 2021

What do you think of Conor McGregor’s review of his first pitch?

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