ESPN analyst Chael Sonnen is not short on words when it comes to the latest arrest of former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

On September 24, one day before UFC 266 kicked off in Las Vegas for international fight week, Jon Jones was reportedly arrested for battery domestic violence and injuring/tampering with a vehicle. Of course, this came just around twelve hours after Jones and Alexander Gustafsson had their 2013 war etched into the UFC Hall of Fame. Often criticized for being unable to get away from his own shadow, Jones’ latest behavior is in violation of the UFC’s code of conduct.

While some have questioned whether Jones should remain in the UFC altogether, it seems Chael Sonnen believes that may prove ineffective in pushing Jones. Sonnen spoke on his YouTube channel explaining what the correct punishment should be for Jon Jones’ latest infraction.

“If Jon were to be released, I understand his value would diminish tremendously. His value is only worth whatever the market brings. If the biggest player goes out, your market comes down. All the same, you’re back to being active,” Sonnen explained in a recent video.

“A bigger punishment, in some ways, is to keep him doing what he’s doing right now. He does not have a sponsor to speak of. He does not have a paycheck of any kind coming in. He does not have an active license. He does not have a contract, something to look forward to.” Sonnen said.

After the felonious behavior of Jones, the UFC has yet to take formal action and is still waiting on legal proceedings to finish. In the meantime, with their current standing, Jones is still contracted to fight in the UFC. As the “Bones” arrest story continues to unfold, will keep you up to date and notified if the UFC decides to take any sort of disciplinary action.

Do you think Jon Jones should be released by the UFC?

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