Former WBC Middleweight Champion Julio César Chávez Jr. would retire from boxing and not take his fight purse if he were to lose to Jake Paul.

César Chávez Jr. was recently asked his thoughts on a fight against Paul. This comes after Paul’s management claimed he asked for a bout against the prizefighter.

The experienced boxer set harsh penalties for himself if he were to lose but also mentioned his expectation to defeat the celebrity-turned-boxer.

“I hope I can get a few million with Jake Paul. If he beats me, I’ll retire, I don’t get paid. I don’t want money if I don’t beat him,” said César Chávez Jr. in an interview with TV Boxeo. “Retirement – not interested in his money if I do not win.” (h/t DAZN).

César Chávez Jr. And Paul Riding Momentum

Jake Paul, Tyron Woodley, Credit: AP Photo

César Chávez Jr. sees a fight against Paul as something that could be lucrative and successful for him. While acknowledging the viral success that Jake and his brother Logan have generated, he doesn’t see Paul’s fighting style as a problem for him.

“[The Pauls] generate a lot of expectations and money, a match with me would be good. They haven’t learned how to fight well and I can take advantage of that. Jake Paul can punch, but he’s not a boxer,” he said.

César Chávez Jr. was a successful boxer for nearly an entire decade, although he has struggled in recent years. The 35-year-old has lost three of his last five fights, including a bout against former UFC Champion Anderson Silva in June.

César Chávez Jr. returned to the win column earlier this month, scoring a unanimous decision win over David Zegarra in Mexico.

Paul, still undefeated, is also coming off a win. He scored a highlight-reel knockout earlier this month, knocking out former UFC fighter Tyron Woodley over a week ago.

Would you like Jake Paul to face Julio César Chávez Jr. next?

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