If Vitor Belfort gets his way, then he’ll be sharing the ring with Canelo Alvarez and Tyson Fury.

Belfort recently made his return to the boxing ring against 58-year-old legend Evander Holyfield. It wasn’t a pretty sight for fans of the “Real Deal.” Belfort knocked Holyfield down early and while the former heavyweight and cruiserweight world champion wasn’t defenseless, the referee knew things were going downhill fast and he called a halt to the bout.

After the bout, “The Phenom” turned his attention to Jake Paul with a $30 million dollar offer. Belfort isn’t solely focused on the YouTube star, however. He told SiriusXM that Canelo and Fury are also on his radar (h/t Middle Easy).

“I fought everybody, every division. In Pride I fought everyone. Heath Herring, no one wanted to fight Heath Herring, he was the most feared guy in Pride… I fought him. I said double my money and I’ll fight him. I fought him, I beat him up, and I was like 190 and he fought 260.

“We gotta stop with this weight division… Before, only two divisions: under 200 pounds, and above 200 pounds. So I’m ready. Bring Tyson Fury, I’ll fight him over 200. Bring Canelo, I’ll fight him under 200. Let’s meet over there, and bring the legendary fights where fans would dream about it.”

Belfort is 2-0 as a boxer with the Holyfield bout being an exhibition. He’d be far outmatched in terms of experience against the likes of Canelo and Fury. Canelo is widely considered to be the pound-for-pound best boxer in the world, while Fury is also somewhere in that list as an undefeated heavyweight champion.

Is there any chance Vitor Belfort gets a fight with Canelo Alvarez or Tyson Fury?

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