Both JP Buys and Cheyanne Vlismas have further given their sides of the story as their bitter feud and divorce continues in the public eye.

As far as big stories go in the first month of 2022, not many would have called this one. And given the personal nature of it, it’s perhaps a shame to see two married UFC fighters clash in the public domain over their collapsing relationship.

The attention towards the ongoing divorce proceedings between UFC flyweight Buys and UFC strawweight Vlismas picked up this week after the latter spoke to MMA Fighting. “The War Princess” revealed she had departed the United States for an undisclosed location, with the intention of “escaping” some personal matters.

In a response that left jaws wide and fans shocked, Buys suggested his wife is in Batumi, Georgia, and has been having an affair with a “Roman.” Given that the location named by Buys matches his birthplace, many inferred that UFC middleweight Roman Dolidze could be the “guy” in question.

“Hiding from what? In a country no one knows where she’s at? Everyone here knows she has been in Batumi Georgia with Roman, the same guy she has been having an affair with behind my back. While still married.”

Now, MMA Fighting’s Mike Heck, who conducted the original interview with Vlismas, has provided Buys with a platform to respond on. In their interview, the South African flyweight accused Vlismas, who he says filed for divorce last month, of creating a false narrative that sought to vilify him.

“It’s been a little bit frustrating from my side, trying to, number one, keep quiet and focus on myself, and number two, trying to heal through this whole process, number three, trying to figure out my life and my situation… Everyday my phone just gets blown up my people because of things that she says publicly. For example, the article states that she’s hidden in a mystery location, and that she prefers not to let people know where she’s at, she had to escape; the world is just exploding me everyday, commenting on my stuff, sending me messages, ‘What did you do to your wife? Why is she running from you?’ It’s a little bit frustrating.

“When I saw the interview and I listened to the interview, the article, I was like, it’s pretty much unnecessary because somethings is not right, and just the way you go about things. But, that literally got attention drawn to me as if like, she’s running away from me, physically, or something… I’m getting threats for stuff I didn’t even do.”

In her interview, Vlismas also stated she won’t be able to fight in the near future for reasons out of her control, despite the fact she “would love” to return to the Octagon soon. Discussing that statement, Buys suggested the opposite is actually the truth. While he is stuck unable to fight in the US, he says Vlismas can actually compete whenever she wants.

“The fact of the matter is, she says that she can’t fight or earn any money, that’s her choice. That’s her choice that she can’t fight right now for her personal reasons. But from my side, I literally cannot fight, and I literally cannot earn a cent while I’m living in America right now because of my current status. So, I got a fight offer, and I can’t fight, I can’t earn money. That’s why I’m like, she is the one that (says) she’s facing all these tough difficulties, but her life is normally going on? She has money, she’s fighting, she can fight when she wants to, when she’s ready, she can get a house on her name, she has her car, her life is normally going on… I can’t get a house on my name, I can’t get a vehicle on my name, I can’t fight, I can’t earn money. My life is stranded… If we’re speaking about one of the two of us being inactive, it’s this guy.”

Buys further explained that due to the ongoing divorce proceedings, he ended up missing an interview with immigration, which led to the immediate expiry of his application for permanent residency and his work permit, which he initially received through Vlismas.

With that in mind, Buys expects his process of securing another work permit to take up to the whole of this calendar year, meaning he may not return to action in the UFC until the start of 2023.

Vlismas Fires Back At Buys

Unsurprisingly, it didn’t take Vlismas long to respond and continue the back and forth. In a statement on Twitter, which was later deleted, “The War Princess” denied Buys’ cheating allegations and suggested the pair had only married in the first place to secure the South African fighter a visa.

“If there is anything I would like to say it’s I for 1 never cheated on my husband nor would I ever cheat on someone. The fact that I have put my business out here is just mind blowing to me. I will not be saying my side of the story as the relationship I had was MY relationship and it was not a good relationship.

“We only married for a visa and unfortunately things were not how it seemed on media. Things happened this past year that is the reason things ended as it was for (good) reasoning to end… As for what I do after leaving him is also my business. I will not stoop down to the level and bash someone’s name as much as I want to.”

Vlismas, who is 2-1 in the UFC following a victory over Mallory Martin last month, closed out her statement my pleading with Buys to sign the divorce papers and leave her alone.

“Also if I must say if I was a cheater (then) take me off your IG bio, sign my divorce papers don’t take my money and my bonus money that I shed my own blood for and leave me alone and let me move on so I can go back to earning money.” (h/t Bloody Elbow)

With Vlismas turning her Twitter private and claiming she won’t be releasing another public statement, it seems this topic may now turn back to personal channels.

However, with Buys facing a long journey back towards work eligibility in the US and the ongoing divorce, it wouldn’t be surprising if the latest remarks aren’t the last we’ll hear of Vlismas and Buys’ troubles.

What’s your take on the bitter public feud between JP Buys and Cheyanne Vlismas?

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