Michael Bisping has an idea of who Nate Diaz should fight if he is not interested in Khamzat Chimaev.

Diaz has been vocal about his disinterest in fighting the red-hot prospect Chimaev in the last fight of his UFC contract, despite this being the thing that the UFC is pushing for. He has spoken outright about not wanting to take this fight because he feels that the Chechen is not experienced enough in the UFC and is undeserving of the hype that has been put on him.

If this is not the fight that the younger Diaz brother wants, then former middleweight champion and UFC commentator Michael Bisping has an interesting alternative.

Speaking on the Believe You Me podcast, he was empathetic to the reason given for turning down the Chimaev fight and said that it would be great to see 209’s own face off in a rematch against Clay Guida, following “The Carpenter’s” comeback win over Leonardo Santos at UFC Vegas 44.

“Khamzat [Chimaev], whilst showing the potential and being a potential contender down the line, isn’t a contender right now. And isn’t ranked in the top five so I don’t blame him for saying that. Clay Guida, if I am Nate Diaz, I would take that fight. I’m not sure the UFC would wanna do that fight, who knows,” Bisping said (h/t LowKickMMA).

“I mean, Clay Guida is a fan favorite. Every time he goes out there, his brother slaps him. Of course, we know he burps all over the effing place as well. He’s a great guy, He’s had a great career. As I said, he’s in the Hall of Fame for that fight that he had with Diego Sanchez. Yeah, off it. Nate Diaz-Clay Guida 2. Fucking Clay deserves it. That would be amazing to see.”

Michael Bisping makes a good point about how much fun a rematch between Nate Diaz and Clay Guida would be, especially considering it has been 12 years since their first fight, which ended as a split decision for Guida. That said, like Bisping noted, the UFC may not be too keen on making this fight happen.

You can watch the full podcast with Michael Bisping below:

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