A Sydney, AU. court found Diego Carbone guilty of the 2014 murder of Bradley Dillon after an investigation into a local fight club.

Carbone and Dillon were once members of the Saint Michael Christian Brothers Fight Club, an organization centered around a love for Muay Thai and Catholicism. Despite its relatively peaceful roots, things turned violent as the club allegedly turned into a group of outlaws.

It all started when Dillon met with Carbone to deal with a recent debt he owed to another member of the fight club. Just days before the meetup, Carbone had been kicked out of the club with a reputation of being a “hothead”.

Diego Carbone Arrested After Deadly Fight Club Meetup

Carbone had been accompanied by former kickboxer Antonio Bagnato, who was considered the club’s ‘enforcer’. After the meetup turned heated, Dillon was found shot and stabbed multiple times.

Carbone attempted to flee on a flight to Thailand before being encountered by local police.

He is expected to be sentenced on February 25th pending an appeal by his legal team.

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