On this day three years ago, we ran a story where Dana White confessed that there is one thing that does bug him about the biggest cash cow in the history of his promotion.

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On This Day Three Years Ago…


Headline: Dana White Reveals His ‘Biggest Problem’ with Conor McGregor But Adds ‘He’s Worth It’

Author: Damon Martin

Conor McGregor is the biggest superstar in UFC history and because of that he’s been given more latitude than the average athlete on the roster.

UFC president Dana White has fully admitted as much when talking about the former two-division champion and his status with the company he’s helped earn million upon millions of dollars since first arriving.

Even when McGregor assaulted a bus filled with fighters back in April, he faced no retribution from the UFC, although he did spend a night in jail and could potentially pay out millions in lawsuits over the incident.

Still, White says McGregor is worth any headache he causes but largely he’s been a model citizen for most of his UFC career.

That said, White will point out one issue he has with McGregor that he wishes would change if for no other reason than problems he causes with their television partners.

“Is Conor hard to deal with here and there? Yeah but he’s worth it,” White said when speaking to the Barstool Sports podcast. “If people ask me what’s the biggest problem you have with Conor? It’s not showing up on time.

“Other than that, Conor’s incredible. Conor’s a fun guy to be around, he’s hilarious, he’s a great fighter, he’s fun to watch. If the guy showed up on time, he’d literally be perfect. He’d be perfect.”

White said that McGregor’s constant absenteeism at the start of press conference have caused more problems than anything else because many of those events are broadcast on television.

Unfortunately, McGregor has a tendency to live on his own time schedule and that has resulted in his late arrival to numerous events.

In fact, McGregor was so late for his final press conference showdown for the fight against Khabib Nurmagomedov back in October that the reigning lightweight champion just got up and left rather than wait for him any longer.

McGregor always offers an apology for his lateness but White still wishes he could find a way to be on time more often.

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