The day was October 16, 2014, and Ronda Rousey was the UFC bantamweight champion and on top of the world. Here’s a story from that very date in its original, unaltered form from your friends MMA News, a leading source in MMA News since 2002.

On This Day Seven Years Ago…


During an appearance on “Jim Rome on Showtime,” UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey gave her take on why she feels pretty girls are better at combat sports.

“They’re the ones that don’t get hit,” said Rousey. “If you think about it, if someone’s all gnarled-up, and you’re like ‘Oh man, they’ve been through some battles’, it’s like yeah, they suck! They’ve just been hit a bunch of times. If I’m coming out looking fine, then I’m probably the better fighter.”

Elaborating on a comment she made recently about her feeling that she was close to death in past fights, Rousey said: “With Liz Carmouche, I thought I could die for sure. I blocked a choke so she turned it into a neck crank. I felt my jaw dislocate and I was thinking I would rather break my neck than lose this fight.”

The undefeated UFC champ continued, “I would rather die than lose. I know that feeling so well. It’s not that I’ve never lost. I’ve lost at the worst time so I know what a loss is. That’s why I want to win so much more than these other girls. It feels like dying to me. I’d rather die.”

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