It took Anderson Silva just under a minute and a half to drop Tito Ortiz with a hook to end their boxing fight in the first round. This win wasn’t exactly shocking, but the quickness of the finish was, which is evident by the reactions from the professional fighters around the world. 

Some fighters showed concern for Ortiz, like former UFC champion, Chris Weidman who suffered a recent injury himself. It’s always scary to see a fight go down like Ortiz did, even more concerning knowing the age of the fighter in question.

Michael Chiesa cracked a joke calling for Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva next. At least we hope it’s a joke. 

Ben Askren came to remind us he was the first MMA fighter to lose in a boxing fight (he’s not but good one anyway). 

Fans and media also joined the conversation. 

When being interviewed after the fight, Silva alluded to this possibly being his last fight but when it comes to fighters and retiring, there’s always a chance for m


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