The audio surrounding the arrest of former UFC champion, Jon Jones has been released. The audio, which was published by reveals the moments before Jones was arrested and gives insight to further the details revealed in the recently released police report.

We already know that Jones allegedly assaulted his fiance, Jessie Moses, just hours after being inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame. One of his daughters allegedly asked Ceasar’s Palace employees to call the police after her mother, who had blood and visible injuries on her, refused to go back to their shared hotel room.

Now we are hearing from that casino employee.

“She’s not admitting to any domestic violence, but she’s bleeding from the nose and mouth,” the security officer told Metro Police dispatch. “She’s down with us while the male’s up at the room. He’s actually a professional MMA fighter, Jonathan Jones, and she’s refusing to go back to the room. We’re trying to assist her to help her grab her stuff, and she just will not go back.”

He continued on explaining the condition that Moses was in.

“It’s a little weird, because she’s trying to get assistance, but she’s refusing to go back up to the room,” the officer said. “She’s on the casino floor, with … I believe they’re her three daughters, she has three young girls with her. We’re with the female, we believe the male is by himself up at the room, we haven’t made contact with him at all. [We provided] first aid, she’s not requesting medical.”

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Jones later resisted arrest when confronted by police, even head butting the police car. He later apologized and complied and was taken to jail.

He took to social media shortly after to announce his vow of quitting drinking. There was no acknowledgment or apology to Moses or the Las Vegas Police Department.

Jones will appear in court again in late October. He was expected to make his return to the Octagon, at heavyweight, in 2022. There’s no telling if this could delay his return to the sport.

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