Details of former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones‘ recent arrest in Las Vegas hours after being inducted into the UFC Hall fo Fame. The arrest came in the early morning hours of Friday after Cesars Palace security alerted police of a possible domestic violence incident.

Officers responded to the disturbance after the call stated that a white female adult was bleeding “her nose/mouth,” according to the police report obtained by MMAFighting. The female was later identified as Jessie Moses, Jones’ fiancé.

When police arrived at Cesars Palace, Jones had left the property and was later picked up by another unit outside of the hotel. Jones identified himself and then resisted arrest according to the report.

“As Jones was being detained, he became irate and smashed his head into the front hood of the [Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department] patrol vehicle leaving a medium size dent as well as chipping of some of the paint on the vehicle,” police wrote in the report.

The most disturbing portion of the report comes from what had allegedly taken place at Ceasars Palace. Police spoke with Moses, who said she stayed in the hotel room while Jones went out with friends around 11:30 p.m. local time.

Moses was sleeping when Jones arrived back at the hotel and he “was not very happy.” When police questioned Moses whether Jones had gotten physical with her, she stated, “a little bit yeah.”

In the report, Moses claimed that Jones “touched the back of my head and pulled my hair a little bit but he did not hit me or anything.” She said that Jones grabbed her as she was trying to “trying to leave the room.” Officers observed “dried up blood on the lower part of her lip as if she was in a physical altercation.”

The police report noted that Moses had dried blood “around her lips, chin and all over her sweatshirt” and  “seemed scared to even talk about” Jones.

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Cesars Palace security called the police after Moses went to the security desk asking for a key to her hotel room. The security guard noticed that she had blood on her clothing and lip. The report indicated that Moses became emotional and said that she was scared to go back to her room. One of Jones’ daughters asked security, “Can you call the cops?”

The report stated that Moses “still seemed very scared as to the release of Jonathan from jail,” and asked, “How long do I have until he is out?”

According to the report, as Jones was being read his Miranda rights, he became “extremely agitated.” Jones’ behavior allegedly went from agitated to calm to Jones breaking down in tears.

Jones explained to police that he told Moses that he was taking $10,000 and going to a strip club. He denied touching his fiancé or pulling her hair and didn’t see that she had a bloody nose or lip from the alleged altercation.

Officers threatened to tase Jones if he continued to resist arrest. Jones then apologized and cooperated with arresting officers. Jones was then taken into custody and charged with misdemeanor battery domestic as well as a felony charge for the damage done to the police car. He was later released on bond and is due back in court on Oct. 26.

Jones and Moses have been in a relationship for 17 years and have three children together.

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