YouTube content creator turned professional boxer Jake Paul defeated former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley by split decision last Sunday in Cleveland, Ohio. While in his home state, Paul visited a local boxing gym and handed out boxing gloves and spoke to the younger members about bullying.

On Thursday, Paul posted a video on Instagram showing the kids reacting to his surprise visit.

“Went and surprise visited one of the local Cleveland boxing gyms and gave out some Boxing Bullies @boxingbullies gloves.. these kids always give me more than I give them,” Paul wrote. “All these kids had the heart of a young champ… boxing is the future… remember it’s not cool to bully and every word you say on the internet is permanent.. love YALL.”

Ben Askren thinks Tyron Woodley beat Jake Paul in boxing match

Since turning pro in boxing in January 2020, Paul has won all four of his fights. He’s headlined the last two fight cards he’s fought on and currently fights under the SHOWTIME Sports banner.


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