Jake Paul is in Dana White’s head and the feeling is mutual. After White went on a post-Dana White Contender Series rant, saying Paul would never fight Anderson Silva because Silva is good, Paul responded with a match-up idea of his own.

And it was done with just a hint of the Paul humor that we are all starting to love. 

I want your star talent,” Paul wrote on Twitter. “Your ‘in their prime’ strikers so I can exploit their lack of boxing ability. So let’s do this Me vs. Jorge Masvidal and Amanda Serrano vs. Amanda Nunes… If we win, you let any of your fighters fight me going forward. If we lose, I leave you and your exploitive business [alone].” 

Dana White rants about ‘silly’ Triller and those ‘f*cking dumb enough to pay and watch’ those fights

The thing is, Paul kind of just proved White right. He doesn’t want Silva. He wants someone he knows he can’t have … a fighter under contract with the UFC. 

“I f*cking guarantee you this: You ain’t gonna see Jake Paul calling Anderson Silva out. That I f*cking promise you,” White said after the DWCS event on Tuesday. “[Silva is] his size, and he’s actually good. He’s old, which is what Jake Paul likes to fight old guys. He likes to fight old guys that are too small and that are absolutely, positively washed up.”

We all know the likelihood of this matchup happening is next to zero. White is never going to agree to this, no matter how much we all would love to see it. 


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