UFC president Dana White and company have a history of allowing the athletes to voice their opinions on almost any topic without facing disciplinary action from the fight promotion. Only on a couple of occasions has the UFC taken action against a fighter for something they said in the media or posted on social media. One involved a rape van joke.

An ugly incident occurred during the Dana White’s Contender Series weigh-ins on Monday when bantamweight fighter Oron Kahlon called Afghani-born Javid Basharat a ‘terrorist.’

While the incident was a disgusting display, the only punishment given to Kahlon was that he lost to Basharat on Tuesday inside the octagon.

“Are we going to do anything? It got done tonight,” White said during the event’s post-fight press conference when asked about the incident.

Combat sports are different from all other sports in that the intention is to hurt your opponent. You’re trying to harm them, and they’re trying to harm you. That’s how you win – and it’s personal. There’ve been incredibly offensive things said between fighters, unacceptable things. Fighters have insulted their opponent’s wives, children, religions, nationalities, and even mocked the death of a parent.

Where’s the line? Is there a line? White doesn’t think there is.

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“I say it all the time. This is not a nice sport. This is a very rough sport. We say a lot of mean things to each other, and justice gets severed at the end of the day. Listen, when you have a situation like that, the best way to solve the problem is you fight,” White said.

“No,” White quickly answered when asked if there was a line where a fighter goes too far. “Not in this business I don’t.”

“Mean things are said. In this insanely politically correct world we’re living in, this is one place that is not,” White said.


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