Former UFC champion, Conor McGregor, has been making the rounds in Italy this week. He’s gotten wrapped up in everything from a baptism at the Vatican, another assault scandal and now he’s been filmed doing shots of his Proper Twelve brand with none other than Johnny Depp.

The video shows McGregor and Depp (who looks thoroughly confused) on the streets of Rome and McGregor pulls a bottle of his whisky out of nowhere to pour Depp a glass.

The Hollywood actor takes the shot and then posed for a photo with McGregor and his whole family.

Jake Paul calls out ‘coked up’ Conor McGregor after latest alleged assault

McGregor is notorious for offering people his liquor and even punched a man at a bar over allegedly turning the shot down. Now he owns that bar.

McGregor is on the heels of yet another assault, this time being accused of punching and breaking the nose of an Italian DJ over the weekend.

Conor McGregor allegedly punched a famous Italian DJ and broke his nose


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