Luis Pena was arrested for two counts of misdemeanor battery and domestic violence last week, and released from the UFC on Tuesday. Now the audio from the victim’s 911 call has been released and it’s chilling, to say the least.

“We have a no-contact order so, technically, we shouldn’t even be living together,” the woman said in audio obtained by MMA Fighting. “I really need the cops to come get him out now because I have scratches and bruises all over me now from him. I need him gone. I’m done, and I need help. Please.”

The woman is just one of two female victims who were allegedly assaulted by Pena. The first, his girlfriend, who is the voice on the call. The other victim was a woman trying to separate the two.

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“He punched me in the face, but he did this also two days ago,” she says on the audio. “I have a band-aid on my back, I have everything to prove it. So I would like the police to come and remove him, so I can get my things and go the f*ck home.”

This is not the first arrest for Pena, and the victim of his June arrest is the same victim from his October arrest.

UFC president, Dana White, commented on the removal of Pena from the roster during Tuesday’s Dana White Contender Series event.

“This was a bad case and we knew that he had problems before that we were trying to help him with,” White said. “This is a pretty nasty one. I don’t know if you guys read the police report, but yeah, this one had to happen.”

Pena is currently being held on $6,000 bond.

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