Nick Diaz’s return to MMA is full of surprises.

Not only is the former Strikeforce welterweight champion finally back, which not many expected, but fans were hit with a weight class change just days away from his return fight against Robbie Lawler at Saturday’s UFC 266. And to top things off, Diaz had a very cool and respectful moment with Georges St-Pierre, who was arguably one of his most bitter rivals.

The two were caught on video shaking hands in the locker room backstage just hours away from Diaz’s fight with Lawler. Oh, how times have changed…

GSP and Nick Diaz backstage at #UFC266

— UFC Canada (@UFC_CA) September 26, 2021

Diaz and St-Pierre fought at UFC 158 back in 2013 in one of the biggest welterweight title fights in the history of the UFC. The two didn’t have a friendly buildup and there was a good amount of animosity. St-Pierre defeated Diaz via unanimous decision, retaining his 170-pound UFC title.

Before his induction into the UFC Hall of Fame earlier this week, St-Pierre gave Diaz well wishes and related to his pre-fight nerves by saying he hated fighting as well.

It’s cool to see two of the biggest names in the sport’s history get along after so many years.


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