A head kick knockout is usually about as great of a highlight as a young fighter could ask for. But for amateur MMA fighter Dylan Kiskila, that highlight came with a price.

Kiskila made his mixed martial arts debut Friday at Captains Fight Club 1 in Fargo, N.D. when he took on fellow newcomer Kai Duque in a featherweight bout.

Both fighters came out extremely aggressive as they sought the knockout. Leather was slung. Around the 30-second mark, Kiskila ripped a high kick, which landed picture-perfectly. Duque faceplanted.

Kiskila didn’t have much time to process his opponent’s fall nor admire his handiwork. The snap of the leg upon impact of the head was thunderous and echoed throughout the small Avalon Events Center venue. As Kiskila planted on his back foot to charge toward his downed opponent, his lower leg bent in the absolutely wrong direction and Kiskila joined his opponent on the canvas.

In a freak series of events, Kiskila scored a big-time TKO in his MMA debut but also suffered a nasty broken leg. With his foot bent in the wrong direction, Kiskila calmly sat on the canvas as medical professionals entered the cage to assist both men.

According to a Captains Fight Club official, Kiskila suffered a tib-fib fracture as a result of the fight. The promotion is calling it the “kick heard round the world.”

Check out the crazy knockout in the video above.


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