The rules and fighters are set for Triller’s new venture.

The promotion announced on Tuesday the full fight card along with the rules for their new style of fighting – Triad Combat. The event is set to inaugurate on Nov. 27 at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas.

Triad Combat is a new style of fighting that incorporates boxing and MMA rules.

Fighters will compete in a triangular ring and under two-minute rounds. The idea is to set professional boxers against professional MMA fighters in an environment that’s “leveling the playing field.”

Like in boxing, only punches will be allowed. No kicks or elbows are permitted in Triad Combat. What does differs from boxing, is that this new fighting style will allow clinching and striking from the clinch.

More on the rules and regulations can be seen in the video below.

As far as the fight card, it will feature a former UFC champion, four former UFC fighters, and two ex-Bellator competitors. The full lineup can be seen below.


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