Tommy Fury was simply not impressed with Jake Paul’s recent performance in the ring. In fact, he was bored.

The unbeaten boxer and half-brother of boxing heavyweight champion Tyson Fury didn’t like what he saw in Paul’s rematch against Tyron Woodley on Dec. 18. Although Paul ended the bout with a violent knockout in the sixth round, Fury thought everything leading up to the fight-ending blow was subpar and a bad look for the YouTube superstar.

“I think it’s a pretty bad place to be in when the commentators commentating the fight say, ‘It’s getting pretty hard to watch now,’ and joking on who won that round, ‘Well, nobody,’” Fury told Frank Warren’s Queensberry Promotions. “That went on for more than half of the fight. It was very upsetting for me to sit there and watch it. I’m not going to beat around the bush. I know if I would’ve been in there, he wouldn’t been going six, seven rounds or whatever it was. The first four or five rounds, the guy didn’t throw a punch. He didn’t throw anything. They were just wrestling each other.

“So for me to sit down and watch that, and that was meant to be my night, my time. You get everyone talking sh*t back and forth but the people that know me know how much of a bitter pill that was and what I’ve been going through. It was hard to watch because that should’ve been me in Tampa, Florida.”

Fury was the original opponent for Paul, but two weeks before their Dec. 18 meet, the Englishman withdrew from the bout due to injury. Fury is frustrated me missed out on the fight but hopes the bout gets rescheduled for 2022.

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“I do believe my time will come,” Fury said. “We’re trying to figure out the next date, and we’re trying to get that fight rescheduled because that’s the fight I want next. Seeing after the fight he’s calling out all these MMA people, I don’t get what he’s trying to achieve by calling out UFC people. He wants to be a boxer, doesn’t he? Then fight a boxer. He’s calling out all these wrestlers and non-boxers.

“In the cage, they would kill him any day of the week, but let’s be honest and serious – he would beat Nate Diaz, 100 percent. Would he beat any other MMA super fighter? One hundred percent because they’re not boxers. I really got nothing else to say on that because I’m not entertaining that. He needs to fight that one next, and he’s the fight that’s going to happen next.”


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