I’m sure you’ve all heard the expression, “fighting in a phone booth,” right?

While they didn’t literally fight in a phone booth Saturday in Poland, Jacek Muranski and Arkadiusz Tancula got pretty damn close.

In front of a raucous Gdansk-Sopot crowd, Muranski and Tancula hurled punches at one another in a 9’x9′ cage. Yes, you read that correct. That’s 81 square feet… a.k.a., not a lot of room to move… a.k.a., practically zero room to move when you’re a light heavyweight.

The fight took place at Fame MMA 12 and served as a postlim to a full card of boxing and MMA fights. And what a way for the final action to end – as according to Tapology, a halt was called to the contest because Muranski continually broke the rules.

As if the small cage wasn’t strange and memorable enough, the MMA gods decided to double-dip this one in notoriety and make my brethren at Tapology etch this one in MMA history as a bout ending in “disqualification due to multiple fouls including biting and cage grabbing.”

Oh, so we’re out here biting sh*t now?

highlight of all fence grabs and bites from jacek muranski in his fight vs arkadiusz tancula at fame mma 12 pic.twitter.com/wKMzc01LIC

— Matysek (@Matysek88) November 22, 2021

But wait! It gets weirder. Per the great Caposa, Muranski is 52 years old and replaced his son in the fight. Jeez, that’s a tough one for the son to defend at the next family function. His dad gets thrown in there in a mismatch and has to resort to biting? That’s super awkward.

Anyway, the biggest takeaway from this is a reminder how wild the Polish MMA scene – and perhaps one of the least cultivated by major American promotions, I might add. They have KSW, a stellar promotion with top-tier production… but they also have crazy sh*t like this. So perhaps they don’t need us. And I’m OK with that. Let the madness continue. I mean, that’s why we watch – and you’re reading this – am I right?

P.S. Think this is the closest thing to a phone booth that unarmed combat has taken place in? Think again, thanks to the irreplicable Fight Cirus.

What are you missing right now?#FightCircus #FC3

LIVE NOW 18+:https://t.co/mxSLmRukgD pic.twitter.com/GjybtdBgXx

— Full Metal Dojo (@FullMetalDojo) November 6, 2021

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