After turning in one of the cleanest flying-knee knockouts you’ll ever see, Roman Faraldo refused to take full credit for the result.

Instead, he said striking coach Paulino Hernandez and American Top Team training partner Jorge Masvidal have helped him develop that technique.

“Shout out to Jorge,” Faraldo told reporters, including MMA Junkie, following Friday’s Bellator 271 event. “Happy birthday, bro. Flying knee for the second year in a row, my man.

“I worked it with Jorge, but it’s our striking coach. At the end of the day, Jorge, me, everybody that works with Paulie, it comes from Paulie. You know, those skills, that flying knee is drilled over and over and over. Me and Paulino, you know, preparation makes it every day, getting better. Preparation makes perfect, so that’s what it comes down to. Shout out to Paulino Hernandez, That’s the man.”

The viral moment made the rounds Friday, and deservedly so. While the strike, itself, was enough to be considered a highlight, Faraldo (6-0 MMA, 3-0 BMMA) pointing at opponent Robert Turnquest prior to the flying knee gave it even more flavor.

Add in the fact that he left his opponent unconscious, and Faraldo put his name on the short list for “Knockout of the Year.”

Faraldo said he honestly wouldn’t anticipate anything less from himself.

“That’s the gameplan,” Faraldo said. “You know, you’re happy with it, but it’s what you expect. I expect it, you know?”

But Faraldo, who now has two career knockouts via flying knee, said that the ability to throw the technique to perfection is only half the battle. Knowing that if it doesn’t work, there are still other options on the table is just as important, he said. For that, he turns to Dragon Ball manga character Goku.

“It’s like, if it doesn’t work, then you move on to the next one,” Faraldo said. “It’s like you’re chaining it together. All right, that missed? Right hand, you know, left hook. Takedown. Whatever comes next comes next. You know, like, you got the Goku mentality: Keep going. Keep pushing.”

Bellator 271 took place Friday at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Fla. To hear the full interview with Faraldo, check out the video above.


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