Tyron Woodley got his wish to rematch Jake Paul, but UFC Hall of Famer Michael Bisping thinks the result will be the same as the first fight.

Paul (4-0) edged out Woodley (0-1) by split decision this past August in his toughest test to date. The former UFC welterweight champion was able to rock Paul in Round 4, but ultimately he was outpointed.

Paul then opted to face Tommy Fury over running it back with Woodley, but with Fury withdrawing due to a bacterial chest infection and broken rib, the YouTube star elected to give Woodley his desired rematch. The pair will square off Dec. 18 in an eight-round fight at Amelie Arena in Tampa, Fla., but Bisping is mainly concerned about the short-notice nature for Woodley.

“The thing is, Tyron’s taking this fight on less than two weeks’ notice,” Bisping said on his YouTube channel. “He (Woodley) has been training, he’s been staying in shape … but there’s a difference between training for a fight properly. There’s a difference between getting out of bed and pushing yourself to the limit and absolutely killing yourself in training to what there is of just ticking over, keeping the engine running.”

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This time, Paul is giving Woodley a knockout incentive. If Woodley is able to finish, he’ll earn an extra $500,000. But with the fight just 10 days away, Bisping isn’t sure if Woodley will have the adequate amount of time to achieve a different outcome.

He continued, “So I fear in this fight Tyron Woodley, even with the extra incentive, the extra half-a-million dollars, on top of the few million dollars that he’s going to make, I don’t think we’re gonna see much different. On the flip side, Jake Paul has been pushing it, he’s getting better as a boxer, he’s training down at Costa Rica, he’s doing whatever he can to improve. I think Jake Paul is gonna be in better shape.”

Bisping scored the first fight in favor of Paul and just didn’t think Woodley was busy enough. Woodley has a tendency of being a little trigger-shy in some of his most recent octagon losses, and Bisping doesn’t see him changing his tendencies.

“The reason Tyron didn’t win that fight is because – well, Tyron looked dangerous,” Bisping said. “When he let his hands go he looked dangerous, but it was just like every time Woodley fights: There wasn’t enough output. When he let the hands go, he looked dangerous, but he didn’t let them go enough.

“There was that one time he knocked him into the ropes; he didn’t knock him down. He knocked him into the ropes. Tyron was very proud of that moment, but it was one moment over an eight-round fight. Before that, Jake was just working away. He was working away, he was landing shots and all the rest of it.”



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