Leon Edwards thinks UFC 269 may have been the last time he was matched up with Jorge Masvidal.

Edwards (19-3 MMA, 11-2 UFC) was booked to face Masvidal (35-15 MMA, 12-8 UFC) on Dec. 11, but the fight was scrapped when Masvidal was forced to withdraw due to an undisclosed injury.

Now that the fight no longer is happening, Edwards has diverted his attention back to the welterweight title.

“I don’t believe (we’ll get booked again),” Edwards told ESPN on the Masvidal fight ever happening. “I’m going up, he’s going that way (down). So I can’t see when there’s going to be a time when the fight makes sense. I’m going to keep winning. I’m going on to world championships and competing at a higher level. He’s declining. So it’s going to be difficult now for us to get into a position where the fight makes sense. But we’ll see.”

The rivalry between Edwards and Masvidal stems from a backstage incident that occurred nearly three years ago in London. During his post-fight interview, Masvidal heard Edwards jawing at him from afar and decided to confront him about it. Masvidal ended up unleashing a combination on Edwards, bloodying up the Brit.

So despite Edwards’ focus on UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman, he could see himself fighting Masvidal if he wins the title just for the sake of settling their beef.

“It’s possible, because like I say, that (backstage altercation) left a bad taste in my mouth,” Edwards said. “There’s bad blood there forever – so possible. We’ll see. I’m focusing on being a world champion, focusing on achieving my goal. He’s doing what he’s doing. I feel he’ll probably retire, as well. I reckon next year, he’ll probably retire.”

Masvidal has not disclosed his injury, and Edwards questions the legitimacy of his withdrawal.

“I always felt that he was a fake, that he’s a fraud,” Edwards said. “I knew this going into the fight that he’s a fake. He had, like, a good year, year and a half that he had the (Darren) Till knockout, the Ben Askren knockout, and that kind of propelled him. But apart from that, he’s nothing but a journeyman. Every time he fights, more than likely, he’s probably going to lose. My opinion hasn’t changed much. I knew what I knew, and now the fans are getting to see it. Now it’s clear as day, you know, that he’s not who he pretends to be.”


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