Elias Theodorou says he’s changed.

The former UFC middleweight and winner of “The Ultimate Fighter Nations: Canada vs. Australia” is confident he’s addressed some of the criticism that was thrown his way during his UFC stint

Theodorou (18-3) fought for the UFC from 2014 to 2019. He compiled eight wins, but only had two finishes to his name. His last eight performances in the UFC all went to a decision, prior to his release in June 2019. Some fans criticized Theodorou for not having a fan-friendly style. Those criticisms were heard loud and clear.

Looking to go 3-0 since his UFC release, the 33-year-old acknowledges the criticism of his style. However, he’s confident that those days are now behind him as he looks to put away his next opponent.

“I had a very successful run in the UFC and my overall career and part of that is the cardio and the push that I take to my opponents,” Theodorou told MMA Junkie Radio. “Obviously, no pun intended, it’s the elevation in regards to my determination to look for the finish.

“In the UFC, I did have some criticism in regards to some of my finish performances. But now out of the UFC, I’ve reinvented myself both inside the cage and out and I’m looking to continue that. I’m looking for the finish and looking to take it to him from pillar to post.”

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Video: ‘TUF’ winner Elias Theodorou moves to 2-0 in post-UFC career with TKO

Theodorou takes on Bryan Baker on Dec. 18 at Colorado Combat Club 10 in Greeley, Colo. Since his UFC release,  Theodorou has gone 2-0 with two third-round TKO finishes. He’ll looks to get a third Dec. 18.

Theodorou isn’t opposed to one day returning to the UFC if the starts align, just as long as he’s able to compete while using cannabis for medical purposes.

“I’m still very much focused on the fight ahead and there’s still other jurisdictions within the U.S. and abroad that I plan to continue to fight,” Theodorou said. “Again, I’m very much focused on the task at hand, but never say never.

“Both with USADA and the UFC, they make many inroads in regards to go in the right direction. But whether it’s I’m stubborn or dedicated to fight for what I believe in, I believe medical cannabis is here to stay.”


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