LAS VEGAS – In what was a rather abrupt ending, Manuel Torres thinks Kolton Englund was looking for a way out.

Torres (12-2) took Englund out in the first round at Dana White’s Contender Series 45 on Tuesday, but the win didn’t come without a bit of controversy. When breaking off in a grappling exchange, Torres disengaged by pushing Englund’s face back. Englund then claimed he was poked in the eye.

Referee Herb Dean didn’t stop the action, and Torres went on to finish Englund, who was backed up against the fence. Nevada commission officials reviewed replay of the sequence, but the decision still stood, and Torres was awarded a UFC contract.

“I wanted to knock him out or do a war,” Torres said during the DWCS 45 post-fight news conference. “But I found the sweet spot, and I had to finish, so I went for the finish.”

He continued, “When he went for the takedown, I felt that he didn’t want to fight anymore. I felt him hurt, and then when he tried to keep grappling, I didn’t feel him strong, so I pushed his face and I saw him turn around, so I kind of knew he didn’t want to fight. So yes, I went for everything.”

To see the full interview with Torres, check out the video above.


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