LAS VEGAS – UFC President Dana White provided a different argument in regards to fighter pay on Tuesday evening.

Last week after Dana White’s Contender Series 41, he railed Oscar De La Hoya for calling out how the UFC pays its fighters. White brought photocopies of an event payout from a De La Hoya-promoted event and passed them out to the media in attendance before going on a fiery rant, addressing multiple questions about fighter pay like never before.

Last week, White said he did not care if fighters disclosed their payouts to the media. This week, the UFC president says it is the fighters themselves who do not want the media or anyone else to know how much they earn.

“It doesn’t matter to me if these guys want to let you know what they make,” White said at the DWCS 42 post-fight news conference on Tuesday. “You guys asked (Kevin) Holland the other day, and what did he say? He said people were hitting him up for money after I said it.

“Most of these guys want what’s called an LOA (Letter of agreement), where you don’t get to see their money. Most of the fighters want an LOA. They don’t want people to know how much they make and you can imagine why they don’t. People start coming out of the woodwork and looking for money when they think you got it.”

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With an LOA, the promotion and the fighter would be able to agree on payment terms that are not disclosed to the commission. Essentially, this would be a shorter agreement between the two parties with different details, such as pay.

If payouts are to remain out of the public eye, how does White feel about his fighters revealing specifics around other business numbers, like when Conor McGregor recently posted a pay-per-view receipt with specific numbers on social media?

“I don’t really give a sh*t anymore,” White said. “You guys all know Conor’s making f*cking truckloads of money and he’s doing well. Most of the pay-per-view (numbers) that come out are close or in the ballpark of what they are, so, no real big secrets out there.”


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