LAS VEGAS – UFC president Dana White sees a bright future for Laura Sanko as a cageside commentator.

A woman who wears many proverbial hats, Sanko, a former fighter, has made a successful career out of reporting at UFC events, as well as commentating for both LFA and Invicta FC.

She got her wish when she made history by becoming the first female color commentator in the Zuffa era, making her debut Tuesday at Dana White’s Contender Series, where she also did the post-fight interviews and ring announcing for the event.

“She was running around like a lunatic tonight,” White said at the post-fight news conference. “When I walked in there, she seemed a little frazzled. I said, ‘Here you go. Be careful what you wish for, kid,’ but congratulations to her. She’s earned it, she deserves it, she belongs there, and she’s as educated and as good at talking about fights as anybody else in the game. So I think tonight was the beginning of a great career for her.”

He continued, “Little Miss ‘I don’t have enough to do’ has plenty to do now, OK? So I guarantee I ain’t be getting any text messages or phone calls from her that she doesn’t have enough to do anymore. Like I said, be careful what you wish for.”

With aspirations of landing in the UFC commentary booth, Sanko receiving high praise from White surely puts her in a primed position to someday fulfill that goal.


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