LAS VEGAS – Randy Brown thinks it’s just right for him to be fighting in New York.

The wants a spot on the UFC 268 card set for Nov. 6 at Madison Square Garden. Brown (14-4 MMA, 8-4 UFC), who lives in Queens, took a unanimous decision from Jared Gooden in the co-main event of Saturday’s UFC Fight Night 194.

Brown knows it’s a quick turnaround, but he thinks he should be on the card.

“I’m the most New York New Yorker in the UFC,” Brown said. “A lot of dudes come from Long Island, Albany, upstate. I’m from the boroughs. I’m the New York guy, so it makes sense to get me in there and work out something so I can finally fight in the Garden. So I’d like to get on that card and get a fast turnaround if my injuries allow it.”

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Brown hurt his right big toe early in the fight at UFC Fight Night 194 with a front kick he connected on Gooden’s chin. It was something that appeared to bother him the rest of the fight and had to constantly snap his toe back into place.

“The big toe snapped out of place at the joint high up on the foot there, but I kept going back in and putting it back in,” Brown said. “It was an interesting experience. It’s back in now – I put it back in. It’s crazy, the thought of the instinct, because I was just like, ‘Let me step on that because that looks protruding through my skin.’ So I just stepped on it and it snapped back in.”

If the injury doesn’t hand him a long suspension that would leave him out of the UFC 268 date, Brown wants a spot on the New York card. He doesn’t care whom the UFC matches him up against, just as long as he gets to fight in his home city.

“Anybody – anybody,” Brown said. “Just know I’m ready for anyone in the top 15. I don’t know the names off the top of my head. I have to look at who’s in the top 15. But I’m ready to rock – top 15 … top 15.”


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